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Triathlete Training Program

Better performance through science!

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Covered by most insurances.

Measurable Performance | Endurance Coaching | Specialized Testing

Healthworks Medical is now offering triathlete training program with a series of synergistic tests that can help triathletes achieve greatness while getting a very detailed understanding of their body’s capabilities. Our Doctor and certified triathlon coach Dr. Jeff Kraichely has years of experience training and competing in endurance trials. He is now using this experience and his medical expertise to benefit Charleston’s Triathlete community.

Endurance Series

Our proprietary endurance testing helps triathletes of all ages understand their body’s potential. This series of testing can help determine the best course for increased stamina and improved athletic performance.

  • Lactic Blood Testing
  • Blood Acidity Testing
  • Forced Vital Lung Capacity Test
  • Forced Lung Expiration Test
  • Peak Lung Expiratory Test
  • Residual Lung Volume Test

Strength Series

Feed your body with what it needs so you can get the most from your workouts and training. This series measures all the necessary bodily functions to ensure that you are functioning at 100%. The purpose is to map the body and understand how it is performing under the stress of athletic training and performance. By understanding the potential weaknesses it is possible to develop a replenishment plan that gives your body exactly what it needs.

Metabolic Testing

  • Cellular Energy Production Test
  • Body Vitamin Levels
  • Protein Metabolism
  • Creatine Levels
  • Phosphorous Levels
  • Amino Acid Testing
  • Liver Detox Testing

Blood Testing

  • Hormone Levels
  • CPK Levels
  • CK Levels
  • C-RP Levels
  • Iron Level
  • Full CBC Available

Body Mechanics

With the right biomechanical habits your abilities are maximized and your potential for injury is greatly reduced. Working with our certified triathlete trainer can help you take your game to the next level.

  • Saddle Position X-Ray
  • Weight Bearing Posture X-Ray
  • Biomechanical Analysis On The Bike
  • Video Analysis On The Bike
  • Training Recommendations