Are you experiencing any of these symptoms of OA of the knee?
Are you unable to do or enjoy certain activities because of pain or stiffness in your knee?
Do you experience stiffness in your knee after resting or when waking up?
Does your knee hurt when you move?
Does your knee hurt even when you are not active?
Do you hear a crackling sound or have a grating feeling in your knee?

What is OA of the knee?

Osteoarthritis (ah-stee-oh-ar-THRY-tis) or OA of the knee can result from a low level of a lubricating substance (hyaluronan) in the synovial fluid that cushions your knee. Without enough hyaluronan, the bones of your knee begin to rub against each other, causing erosion, bone spurs, and pain.
Common risk factors for OA of the knee are genetics, being overweight, joint injury, overuse of the joint, and having other forms of arthritis.
Millions live with OA of the knee every day
More than 10 million Americans suffer from OA of the knee. Nothing can cure OA, but it can be treated effectively with proper medical care. Many people with OA live happy, healthy, and active lives.

How we help
At Healthworks, our therapy is a solution made of highly purified sodium hyaluronate. Hyaluronan is a natural chemical that is found in your body’s joints. Your body’s own hyaluronan acts like a lubricant and shock absorber in the joint.

How can our therapy work for you?
They hylaronic acid protocol, first binds with the thin cartilage of the knee, filling in cracks.
The hylaron stops the cells that cause inflammation, and helps stop pain.
Our therapy restores the space between the bones of the knee, helping with the natural cushion and improve movement.

How is our therapy given?
Our doctors will create a customized plan for your specific needs to include weekly injections of highly purified sodium hyaluronate for 3 to 5 weeks. Our doctors may recommend a local anesthetic to reduce the possible discomfort associated with the injection. Injections are paired with physical therapy and a customized knee brace.
The brace and the specialize physical therapy, allow the knee to heal and to strengthen.

Normal Knee
1. Normal cartilage provides a smooth surface so bones can move easily across each other
2. A high concentration of hyaluronan in synovial fluid cushions and lubricates the knee joint
3. Normal bone
OA Knee
4. Eroded cartilage cause bones to scrape against each other, usually causing pain
5. With a low concentration of hyaluronan, synovial fluid is less able to protect the knee joint
6. Bones spurs form (osteophytes)

Are you a candidate for our therapy?

Our therapy could be right for you if:

    • Your knee pain is due to OA
    • You are not getting adequate OA knee pain relief from walking and/or physical exercise
    • You are also not getting adequate OA knee pain relief from pain medications including:
      • Ibuprofen
      • Acetaminophen
      • Naproxen sodium

If you meet these criteria, schedule your consultation with us today!

Who should NOT have our therapy?

People Who:

      • Have infections or skin disease in the area of the injection will be given
      • Have had any pervious allergic reactions to hyaluronate products
      • Have been diagnosed with Psoriatic or Rheumatoid arthritis


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