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Chiropractic health care, spinal decompression. And non surgical body sculpting & skin rejuvenation services.

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Our experienced doctor and educated staff allow us to give you the health care and services you need, no matter your condition.

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We will do all we can to accommodate your schedule. We are conveniently located in Summerville, SC, on your way to Knightsville, right off of Central Avenue.

Shock Wave Therapy

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (EWST) produces highly effective pressure shock waves that break down scar tissue, and start a complex regenerative process that stimulates the body to create stem cells. The stem cells regenerate and repair tissue that have been damaged by injury or arthritis.

Customers Reviews

Heather W.


Yall!!!! Electro shockwave therapy! Worth every penny!! Fast and effective! I had it done on my IT band over a week ago ..immediate release. My upper back has been in excruciating pain for 1-2 weeks. Today, I got electro shockwave therapy on it....yes please!! This morning I could barely put my shirt on. Left the office after treatment with amazing range of motion and decreased pain. I HIGHLY recommend this treatment! Dr. K is absolutely the best! He truly listens and helps find solutions. He makes this world a better place! Amazing staff...thank you Amber for always checking in on me and getting me scheduled. Yall are the best! Everyone, if you haven't tried this place....you are truly missing out!

Myk B.


Dr. Jeff AND his staff are GREAT. They really make you feel like they are your friends and not a patient. They ALWAYS go out of there way to help. I have had Dr. Jeff take his own time to help me navigate other medical concerns. He didn't pass me off and say its not his line of expertise, he really went above and beyond to help me outside of Chiropractic. The staff always finds a way to put a smile on my face, and l actually look forward to going for a visit. Dr. Jeff is extremely knowledgeable and smart and he is not afraid to tell you about some of the extra things you can do to help prevent the problem from reoccurring. Trustworthy, Fun, and Professional, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 🙂

Liz M.


Wonderful results with procedures I had. Friendly staff...makes you feel part of the office. Forever client !!

Lane W.


An amazing group who will absolutely help you feel better.

Dayle C.


On multiple occasions Dr K has helped me when I couldn’t even sit down. The machines work. I have every disc in my back affected. I have to go back for maintenance and when I know so ething isn’t feeling right. My pain management dr. highly recommends his chiropractic care. Staff is excellent, friendly and doesn’t seen like a dr. Office at all. You have nothing to lose by giving it a try except your pain.

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